War Crimes for the Home

About this Production

A fingersmiths and New Wosley Theatre production
Based on the novel by Liz Jensen
Originally adapted by Annie Pearson
with additional material by Shenagh Govan
Directed by Jeni Draper
Designed by Ken McClymont 

‘We are our memories’
Gloria Winstanley has been told.

From her armchair in a care home Gloria recalls her life as a young woman living through World War ll, the good and the bad events; but there are gaps in her memory, she is having bad dreams and questions are being asked of her that she is struggling to answer. 

Told with passion and humour we relive the impact the second world war had on a young woman and her family and how some wounds can take a lifetime to heal.



What People are Saying

The interplay of languages (BSL and spoken English), characterisations and ages brought unexpected nuances and complexities to the play, and created wonderful evocations around memory – what do and don’t we remember, what do we block out, how does ageing and illness affect our memory?  Stylistically and aesthetically, these themes emerge, through bold, innovative and accessible theatre-making.’ 
Jamie Beddard – Agent for Change, New Wolsey Theatre

‘What is brilliant about the Fingersmiths interpretation of the War Crimes story is that it is effectively trilingual and yet sacrifices neither access nor experience – the language of lived experience is aligned with the other two languages (BSL and spoken English) on equal footing, enhancing the audience’s understanding of all three.’   
Kelly Robinson – PHD Student